Improve your Hungarian | Cooking Adventure | Feb 19

Improve your Hungarian | Cooking Adventure | Feb 19

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6.990 Ft
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6.990 Ft

Dear Hungarian Learner,

Let’s cook together!
Improve your Hungarian in an informal, friendly environment!

 Let me invite you to a 2-hour cooking event where we’ll improve your Hungarian in the field of gastronomy, food processing, spices, utensils, and many more with a nice live chat in a cozy atmosphere.  Here you can practice and improve your Hungarian conversational skills and learn dozens of new words and phrases. No homework!

 Each time we’ll have a new Hungarian dish. Starting with Gulyas - of course.

 We’ll also have:

  • Gulyás leves
  • Töltött paprika
  • Töltött káposzta
  • Paprikás csirke nokedlivel
  • Sertésborda
  • Halászlé

After cooking we’ll eat out meal and have a joyful conversation.

I’ll also come with dozens of topics for discussion.
You can take the collected words and phrases with you in the form of e-flashcards.

The event is 120 minutes long. You'll enjoy every bit of it!

I am mainly looking for low/mid intermediate as well as advanced students.

The event cost 6.990 Ft/person. 

Only 6 seats available per event!  Event takes place with a min. 3 people.

Happy Hungarian! Happy 2022!